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We at Soroush Group (hereinafter referred to as “Soroush”) will manage all the information and privacy policies of users of Soroush and its related services (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) according to the following principles:
1. Recording of information and means of use
1-1 Soroush keeps records of its users data according to the following principles :
1-1.1 User data
1-1.1.1 During registration the name and mobile number of users as well as their contact list for the following purposes will be recorded:
1- User’s mobile number will be used as a unique identifier that will identify and authenticate the user
1- Mobile numbers stored on users’ mobiles will be used in order to identify friends and users can then communicate with them and can also invite their friends from their contact list that are not already on Soroush’s list (Please note that only the mobile numbers of the users contact list will be stored and other information including their names, photos and addresses will not be recorded.)
1- To change the device and account transfer from one device to another only the user's mobile number is used.
Information as listed above will only be visible to the user and our servers and other users will have no access to it.
1-1.2 Other user information
1-1.2.1 To improve user experience and communication between users, user profiles are defined that include the user’s name, status and photo (whereby status and photo are optional). Since your number is stored in the contacts lists of others, they can see your profile name and picture and hence it is recommended that this should be considered when you choose your profile name and photo.
1-1.3 User contact information
1-1.3.1 In order for Soroush to provide a better service, the mobile number of users as well the user’s device model and operating system are all recorded. This information will be used in case of technical faults or when improving the efficiency of the system.
1-1.4 Messages and interactions
1-1.4.1 In order to provide the best services, messages and interactions between individuals or in groups, calls and public channels will be stored on Soroush’s servers and when either the app is updated, or the user changes his device and so forth this information will still be preserved. Naturally, users can remove any parts of this information as and when they desire and whereby any information that is actually removed by the user will mean that information is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.
2 Use of Service
2-1 Cookies
2-1.1 In offering the best possible service to users and also for the purpose of support and security, we use cookies to store user preferences as well as viewing usage patterns. The user can disable cookies, but by doing so services that depend on cookies will be deactivated.
2-1.2 Logs
2-1.2.1 Depending on the availability of services to users, some information such as browser type and version, user IP and etc may automatically be recorded and stored. Henceforth, this data will be used for the analysis of users environments and conditions with the purpose of providing a better service.
2-1.3 Device information
2-1.3.1 Information of user’s devices (including type and version of operating system, hardware information and so forth) may be collected and used in order to provide better and relevant services.
3 Purpose of Using Information
3-1 According to the discussed limitations of using information as well as sensitivity in regards to storing information such as contact lists of users, we are only allowed to work within our defined framework. We are committed to the following reasons for storing and using the mentioned information:
· Enable interaction between user and users favourite public channels
· To find people whom the user knows and to link with them
· To prevent people from using the system without authentication or malware from entering the system
· To offer services that will be added to the system in the future
· To collect statistical information depending on the type of services provided
· To establish research and analysis in order to evaluate and improve the services provided
· To provide information in accordance with the service, including proposals relevant to users
· To offer new services to users
· To determine winners of prizes and promotions and to send them prizes
· To inform the user of information in regards to services or products relevant to their needs as well as the possibility of contacting them
· To inform users on matters they have previously shown interest in
4 Supplying user information
4-1 Soroush under no circumstances will disclose users information without their permission to any company / third person.
5 Information Leakage
5-1 Soroush will do all in its power to prevent against system intrusions and data theft. Along with always updating and revising our hardware and software, we attempt to secure our system.
6 Sharing of Information
6-1 In certain circumstances, it may be required to collaborate with a business partner. Before we do anything, users will be informed of the type of collaboration, name of the partner and type of information to be shared, such that unhappy users can request removal of their information from the database. We will remove users data as soon as possible and which will be prior to our collaboration with the trading partners.
7 Performance measurement of shared messages
7-1 In regards to our policy in providing information and suggestions tailored to applications as well as public channels registered, we may attempt to measure the effectiveness of our provided information to the users. In this case, this information and report will be generated without publishing names or personal information of users.
8 User rights
8-1 Users may at any time correct or confirm their registered personal data and may even delete their account.
9 Improving this document
9-1 This privacy policy may in the future (if felt necessary) be improved. Users will be informed of important changes to this document.
10 Questions
10-1 If there is any ambiguity in this document, or if you need any further information, please contact us to discuss your questions. We shall answer your questions as soon as possible.
We recommend that you also read the “Terms of Use” of this service.