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Soroush software is an interactive medium with the aim of creating a modern, up-to-date and fast platform to allow users to experience the virtues of two-way communications. The terms and conditions stated in this section are rules that govern Soroush’s software (which from this point onwards will be referred to as "Soroush" or "We"), which includes its website, applications and other services provided for its users (hereinafter will be referred to as “user” or “users”).
1. Membership Terms
1-1) Membership in Soroush is free and all that is required for registration is a mobile number as a means of identifying users.
1-2) All individuals at any age and nationality with a valid mobile number and by following the terms and conditions of this agreement are eligible to use all the services that Soroush offers.
1-3) Users have the option to enter their full names and may otherwise choose any name to represent themselves on the condition that it is not specific to a specific individual and does not violate terms of this agreement and laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
2- Sharing content in Soroush
2-1) Content is shared on public channels, within individual or group dialogues by registered users and content rights and responsibilities of such content is on the individual whom had originally shared the content. Evidently Soroush takes no responsibility in this regards.
2-2) Users are not authorised to publish inaccurate, unethical and illegal content and users will be held responsible for their consequences.
2-3) Intellectual property rights and responsibility for information from other parts of the software, websites and other services offered, is owned by Soroush
3- Information and privacy
3-1) Soroush gives precedence in maintaining the privacy of its users which is detailed in Soroush’s “Privacy Policy” section.
3-2) Mobile numbers of those except in users contact lists will not be made visible.
3-3) Image, status and usernames in group conversations and other sections will be made visible to other users. Henceforth, it is recommended that if you do not wish to publish certain information and photos or if these are in violation to the terms of this agreement, do not set them as your profile name or image.
3-4) In order to provide a better service while using Soroush, a record of user's contacts list will be recorded to allow communication between the user and their friends (only mobile numbers will be used and names, emails and other information will not be recorded).
4- Terms of use
4-1) Users are allowed to follow their desired public channels, to forward/share information from these channels to/with their friends and in accordance to the policies of channels to take part in activities such as surveys, ... whereby they can respond to published information and or even to contact the administrator of the channel
4-2) Users are allowed to communicate with their friends or in groups and may even have telephone conversations
4-3) Internet access is required when using services including public channels, messaging and telephone calls and which all are free
4-4) Users within rules of this agreement and laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran are eligible to use various parts of Soroush’s services. It is important to note that consequences of violation of this clause is up to the user. In fact, Soroush is a service provider and the manner in which the service is used is the responsibility of the user.
4-5) Soroush has the right with/without prior notice to temporarily or permanently disable user's account that have either violated rules or whereby more than a year has passed since their last activity.
4-6) Each account is created for personal use of the account holder and the user does not have the right to transfer their accounts to anyone else.
4-7) Users are not allowed to use automated systems such as robots, spiders, malware and so forth.
5- Others
5-1) Using the site, software or any part of Soroush’s services, means accepting the above provisions and users are required to follow them. Users at any time wishing not to agree with these terms can cancel their membership and may no longer use Soroush’s services.
5-2) The text and provisions as discussed in this document constitute as the terms and conditions of Soroush. Users should also adhere to the laws of the country they are resident in.
5-3) The text and provisions of this Agreement may in the future due to environmental changes, changes in services provided, rules and regulations change. Henceforth, we recommend users to check this webpage. In all circumstances, the text published in the pages of this website are the latest updates of laws and that can be invoked.